St. Mary’s Church, Strand

John Gendall (1790 - 1865)

Pencil, wash and chalk (?) on paper

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    Watercolourist John Gendall was born in Exeter and worked as a domestic servant, until his drawings came to the attention of Rudolph Ackermann. By 1811 he was working with Ackermann in London. Ackermann published his views of Dover and Calais (1820), the River Seine (1821), Hastings (1822), Edinburgh (1823), and numerous country seats. In 1824 Gendall returned to Exeter and soon formed a partnership with a Mr W. Cole, selling paintings and drawings, and running a framing business. After Cole’s retirement, he opened an art school. He exhibited landscapes in watercolour, gouache or oils, at the Royal Academy (1846-63) and was curator of the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter (1862-64), but retired after being injured in a rail accident.
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    St. Mary’s Church, Strand
    Pencil, wash and chalk (?) on paper
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