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A Village, with Water Mills

  • About the work
    Country: Other
    City: storage

    The original oil painting, from which this print was made, was purchased by the National Gallery, London, in 1871 and is titled ‘The Watermills at Singraven near Denekamp’. An etching after the work may have been the ‘Hobbema’ advertised as included in ‘Etchings from the National Gallery’, published by Seeley and Co. in 1874. The publication of this etching by Richard Samuel Chattock was advertised of C. E. Clifford and Co. of 12 Piccadilly in the ‘London Standard’ on 5 January 1888. Chattock's print was also exhibited at the Royal Society of Artists later that year.

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    Materials & Techniques
    etching, coloured etching
  • Details
    A Village, with Water Mills
    published 31 October 1887
    Coloured etching
    origin uncertain
    GAC number