View of Side Arch, Somerset House

Thomas, jnr Malton (1748 - 1804)

Pen and ink with wash on paper

  • About the artist
    Thomas Malton junior was a teacher of perspective, draughtsman, etcher and aquatint engraver of views after his own designs and caricatures after Thomas Rowlandson. He was born in London, the son of the architectural draughtsman Thomas Malton senior and the brother of James Malton, who also became a well known draughtsman and aquatint engraver. Malton junior worked in Dublin for three years for the architect John Gandon and later studied at the Royal Academy Schools. He also worked as a scene painter, as well as running evening drawing classes, at which Turner took lessons in perspective. From 1796 until 1804 he lived in Long Acre, off St. Martin’s Lane. He is best known for his careful drawings of London buildings.
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  • Details
    View of Side Arch, Somerset House
    Pen and ink with wash on paper
    height: 49.50 cm, width: 37.00 cm
    Transferred from HM Revenue and Customs, January 2011
    br [in pencil]: ORIGINAL - MALTON
    Bequest of Sir Ernest Clark to the Inland Revenue, 1951 (received 1972); transferred to GAC January 2011
    GAC number