View of London from Old Somerset House Garden

Thomas Sandby (1721 - 1798)

Watercolour on paper

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    Thomas Sandby was born in Nottingham. He moved to London in 1741 to become a draughtsman for the Board of Ordnance. In this capacity he accompanied the Duke of Cumberland on military campaigns in Scotland and the Netherlands in the mid 1740s. The Duke was Ranger of Windsor Great Park. Sandby became his Steward in 1764 and later Deputy Ranger. He designed several buildings in the Park and was involved with the development of Virginia Water. He lived in Windsor during the late 1750s but moved to London in 1760, returning to Windsor in 1765. He was a founder member of the Royal Academy in 1768 and its first Professor of Architecture. In 1777 he became Architect of the King’s Works and, in 1780, Master Carpenter in the Office of Works.
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    View of London from Old Somerset House Garden
    Watercolour on paper
    height: 32.50 cm, width: 23.50 cm
    Transferred from HM Revenue and Customs, 2017
    bottom centre: View of LONDON from OLD SOMERSET GARDEN by T. Sandby
    Possibly part of Lot 46 in Sandby Sale 1811; bequest of Sir Ernest Clark to the Inland Revenue, 1951 (received 1972); transferred to GAC 2017
    GAC number