The Clipper Brig “Lanrick” off Singapore

  • About the work
    Country: Singapore
    City: Singapore
    Place: British High Commission
    This coloured lithograph shows the clipper brig ‘Lanrick’ under the command of Thomas B. White off Singapore. The ship’s fore- and mainsails are reefed as it sails to the right. A figure in the rowing boat waves to the crew whilst the ship crosses its bows. Another version of this print can be found in the Royal Museums Greenwich. An inscription underneath this print informs us that it was dedicated to Andrew Jardine Esq. of Lanrick Castle (1812-1881) by William Foster. Lanrick Castle was a late 18th-century country estate in Perthshire which was demolished in 2002. In the 19th century, the property was passed on from the MacGregor family to the Jardine family. The latter was involved in founding a trading conglomerate in Canton (now Guangzhou), China. The firm was formally registered in July 1832 by former East India Company merchant and surgeon William Jardine (1784-1843) and his partner James Matheson (1796-1878), under the name of ‘Jardine, Matheson and Company’. By 1841, the Jardines had 19 intercontinental clipper ships, including ‘the Lanrick’, which were employed for trading smuggled opium, tea and cotton.
  • About the artist
    Thomas Goldsworth Dutton, draughtsman and lithographer of shipping subjects, produced engravings after his own designs as well as after those of his contemporaries. His engravings include views of warships, yachts and yachting races, P&O steam ships, clippers and naval engagements. He was based in London and worked for Day & Son. His prints were usually available with or without hand-colouring. Dutton exhibited 15 sea pieces, mainly watercolours, at the Society of British Artists in Suffolk Street between 1858 and 1879. He lived at addresses in Wandsworth and Stockwell, London.

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    The Clipper Brig “Lanrick” off Singapore
    Colour lithograph
    height: 28.50 cm, width: 45.00 cm
    Purchased from Parker Gallery, March 1973
    handwritten in pencil, verso: The Clipper Brig Lanrick off Singapore / Thomas B. White Commander.
    GAC number