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The Map of Hungary

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    In the borders to either side of this map of Hungary are eight costume illustrations for various types of Hungarian people of the early 17th century. Along the upper border are four views of the cities: Presburch (Bratislava, now Slovakia), Ofen (Buda, the western part of Budapest, Hungary), Comorro (Komárno, now Slovakia) and Raab (Gyõr, Hungary). To the lower right the scale is given in ‘the common Hungarian miles’.

    The detailed and decorative map of Hungary has English text on the reverse, which describes Hungary, as known to the English at the beginning of the 17th Century. The text is in both English and Latin and at the foot of the map are the Latin words: ‘Sculptum apud Abrahamum Goos’ (Engraved after Abraham Goos).

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    The Map of Hungary
    published 1626
    Coloured engraving
    Purchased from Francis Edwards, November 1949
    GAC number