Il Prospetto Principale del Tempio e Piazza di S. Pietro in Vaticano

Giuseppe Vasi (1710 - 1782)


published 1774
  • About the work
    Country: Holy See
    City: Vatican City
    Place: British Embassy
    This highly detailed architectural engraving shows a view of St Peter’s Square and the Basilica. The square, with its colonnade of Tuscan columns was designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in the 17th century. At its centre is an Egyptian obelisk erected in 1586, which is framed by two Baroque fountains designed by Bernini and Carlo Maderno. The piazza is populated by visitors and chains of horse-drawn carriages. In the background, the Basilica rises majestically dominating the square with its impressive dome and Maderno’s elegant façade.
  • About the artist
    Giuseppe Vasi was born in 1710 in Corleone, Sicily. He worked in Rome and was known for his Roman vedute (topographical views) which he made for the Grand Tourists. Among his most important works are his ten books entitled 'Magnificenze di Roma antica e moderna' published between 1746 and 1761. This publication contained etchings showing the monuments of Rome organised by subjects including gates, churches, palaces and villas. Vasi also produced a famous 'Prospetto dell’alma città di Roma', a panoramic view of the city. An architect himself, Vasi paid careful attention to all the details of the churches and the palaces he showed in his etchings.
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    Il Prospetto Principale del Tempio e Piazza di S. Pietro in Vaticano
    published 1774
    Presented by Sir Victor Perowne
    Presented by Sir Victor Perowne, Minister to the Holy See, c.1949-51
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