L’Interno della Basilica Vaticana

Giuseppe Vasi (1710 - 1782)


published 1775
  • About the work
    Country: Holy See
    City: Vatican City
    Place: British Embassy
    The interior of the Basilica, as shown by Vasi, illustrates a procession taking place in the central nave leading to Bernini’s baldacchino with Solomonic columns. Bernini’s baroque canopy which is placed above the high altar was intended to mark St Peter’s tomb underneath, and its twisted columns were commissioned by Pope Urban VIII, and were finalised in 1634. In depicting the interior, Vasi paid attention to all the architectural elements including the intricate decoration of the columns and the coffered ceiling.
  • About the artist
    Giuseppe Vasi was born in 1710 in Corleone, Sicily. He worked in Rome and was known for his Roman vedute (topographical views) which he made for the Grand Tourists. Among his most important works are his ten books entitled 'Magnificenze di Roma antica e moderna' published between 1746 and 1761. This publication contained etchings showing the monuments of Rome organised by subjects including gates, churches, palaces and villas. Vasi also produced a famous 'Prospetto dell’alma città di Roma', a panoramic view of the city. An architect himself, Vasi paid careful attention to all the details of the churches and the palaces he showed in his etchings.
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    L’Interno della Basilica Vaticana
    published 1775
    Presented by Sir Victor Perowne
    Presented by Sir Victor Perowne, Minister to the Holy See, c.1949-51
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