Vue du Mall dans St. James

  • About the work

    A similar, uncoloured version of this print, published in 1745, is in the collection of the Guildhall Library in London. However, in comparison to this version, the Guildhall Library’s print is in reverse. Lettering on the Guildhall print indicates that it was engraved by William Henry Toms (c.1700–c.1758), an engraver based in Union Court, Holborn, and it is thought to be after a drawing by French draughtsman and engraver Jean Baptiste Claude Chatelain. This engraving, published in Paris, is presumably a later edition after the same drawing.

  • About the artist
    Draughtsman, etcher and line engraver Jean Baptiste Claude Chatelain (real name Phillipe) was a Frenchman, born in London. He fought at Flanders before specialising in landscape and topographical views. He made prints after works by 17th-century painters as well as contemporary artists, and also after his own drawings. Chatelain worked in London for the engraver and printseller John Boydell (1720-1804), for whom he engraved works by Claude and Poussin, and also English views. He produced some 50 views in and around London. Chatelain’s unique style of engraving and etching has led to his plates being described as both ‘lazy’ and as demonstrating ‘masterly wildness’.
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    Vue du Mall dans St. James
    Coloured engraving
    Origin uncertain
    GAC number