Mary of Teck (1867-1953) Queen Consort of King George V

William, (After) Llewellyn

Oil on canvas

  • About the work
    Country: Turkey
    City: Ankara
    Place: British Embassy

    Mary, Princess of Teck is depicted in her coronation robes of gold brocade, with an ermine cloak and a sumptuous selection of jewels. She was particularly noted for wearing splendid jewels for all formal events. 

    Mary of Teck was the daughter of Francis, Duke of Teck and Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge. Through her mother she was great-granddaughter of George III and a second cousin to Queen Victoria. She was born at Kensington Palace in the month of May and was nicknamed May by her family. 

    In 1891, Mary was betrothed to Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and grandson of the Queen. However, shortly after the engagement, in 1892, he died of pneumonia. The following year, with the support of Queen Victoria, she became betrothed to his brother George, Duke of York. The couple married on 6 July 1893 at the Chapel Royal, St James Palace.

     When Victoria died in 1901, her eldest son, Edward, became King Edward VII and his son, George, Duke of York was made Prince of Wales. On 6 May 1910, Edward VII died and the Prince of Wales ascended the throne as George V, with Mary as his Queen consort. As Queen, she was a model of regal formality. Her only public address was made as she launched her namesake, HMS Queen Mary, on 26 September 1934. 

  • About the artist
    William (Samuel Henry William) Llewellyn was born in Cirencester, the son of a bread moulder. His parents did not support his decision to become an artist. He studied at South Kensington under portraitist Sir Edward Poynter, but later moved to Paris to study in the studios of Fernand Cormon, Jules Lefebvre and Gabriel Ferrier. He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1884 and was commissioned to paint several state portraits. He was a Trustee of the National Gallery (1933-40) and President of the Royal Academy (1928-38). From 1940 his health deteriorated rapidly. He died at his home, Little Blundell House, in Campden Hill, London, in January 1941. After a funeral service at Westminster Abbey his ashes were buried in the crypt of St Paul’s.
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    Mary of Teck (1867-1953) Queen Consort of King George V
    Oil on canvas
    height: 186.00 cm, width: 121.00 cm
    GAC number